Wednesday, April 27, 2016

      World wide 31 million girls under ten years old have never been to school. Other girls have had an education from kindergarten to 12th grade. The countries that do not have a lot, tend to get on the wrong track and think girls can not have an education because of all the traits people say about girls and women.  Girls can make a difference, girls don’t have access to education and girls and women do not have the same rights as boys and men. Girls do have a voice in this world.

     The first one is, girls can make a difference in their community. There are different ways like contacting the media or putting on a fundraiser like Malala Yousafzai and Annie Gersh. Annie Gersh said,  “Girls leadership is important because girls are half of the world's population.” People think girls and women are fragile and they don’t have a say in anything. Annie Gersh said, “ when they are given the opportunity to be educated they strive to make a difference in their communities and change the path their families will take.” That means when given the opportunity girls will want an education they will try to get their families on the right side, that girls and boys can go to school.

   The second one is, girls don’t have access to education in parts of the world. If they are getting an education most schools are not girl friendly in some way. When girls are educated, this world will change. Annie Gersh attended a private event and spoke to  80 schools to talk to kids about girls education. Malala said, “one child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.” This quote means if a girl if educated you will learn that even doing the smallest thing, you can change parts of the world.

  Finally, girls don’t have the rights as boys. Girls and women are not allowed out of the house unless a boy or man was with you. Malala said to that, “even if it’s a five year old boy.” Menuka Gurung at age 19 said about girls rights, “ if we want to be equal then we need to involve boys as well as girls in advocacy. The boys should know how girls feel when they are teased, or when the boys are allowed to go out but girls have to stay home till after seven p.m.” Girls do not have the same rights as boys but a lot of other people think girls should stay home,clean and take care of people.

                In some countries it doesn’t acer that girls can not do certain things. A lot of countries say girls and women can’t do anything their just housewives and girls who stay in the house. Girls can make a difference in the world by speaking up to others or doing something small. Girls and women do not have the right to be educated like in Pakistan, Nepal, India, Cambodia, Afghanistan and more. Girls and women do not have the same rights as boy because their fragile and more traits that are not true about us. Girls and woman can change the world. When girls and woman stand up for their rights people are amazed by us

Facts from, The other Malala’s, The girls hero and girls can make a difference.

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