Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Abandon Pets

                    The shelter can't find  homes for the dogs because there is a pet overpopulation issue,one reason is in over pet population is because of natural disaster,however people can help with this issue by volunteering at the shelters.

         The shelter can't find homes for the dogs. ”I've always thought that it seemed hypocritical for shelters to say they save the dogs only to kill them.”(Animal Shelters Another Risk At Life Or Death) It's important because she is saying the shelters save animals only to kill them only to kill them.Why would you save the animals only to kill them.It should be shelters goals to save animals instead of killing them.

     Hurricanes and floods are natural disasters that go with to being over filled.“Hurricanes and floods displace countless animals who become orphaned and in need of care.”(Sullivan) It's important because the animals have no homes so they get abandoned and in need of care.

     They fix shelters and keep dogs with other people till adoption.“Amanda Iannuzzi and a group of her friends started a rights group to advocate for laws against animal abuse.”(Sullivan) It's important because they are helping at shelters against animal abuse.So the animals have homes and also so they can help take care of the animals.

        In conclusion,the problems are the animal shelters say they save animals only to kill them from over pet population.Hurricanes and floods destroying shelters leaving the animals homeless.However people can help with this problem by helping out at shelters.




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