Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Why Child Labor is Bad

    Child activists Iqbal Masih and Craig Kielburger are similar in age, but however there personal experiences with child labor are very different. Child labor is a big problem in some places, it can also be dangerous to young children that get sold into it for small amounts of money. There are lots of organizations trying to stop child labor along with many people against it. Some kids try to escape, some make it and others don’t, if they move back to that place there is a chance for danger. That is why we have people trying to stop this by speaking out about it.

   Firstly, Iqbal Masih was a child slave himself.  An example of how he became a child slave is, “He was sold into the carpet business at the age of four years old for the equivalent of 12 U.S. dollars.” This is important because it shows the poverty level in the country of Pakistan, when we think of it $12 is not that much money but Iqbal was sold for that amount. Iqbal was later shot and killed outside of his grandmother's house. Something that caused this is, “Iqbal went home even though he was in danger, “I need to finish what I started is the words that Iqbal used.” This is important because he put other kids in front of him even though he knew that he could be murdered. That is Iqbal Masih’s personal experiment with child labor and speaking out about it.  I got information from, “Schloat”.

   Next, Craig Kielburger is just an activist speaking out about child labor. An example of him being against child labor is, “Craig Kielburger started Free the Children Organization”. This is a website that people can donate on to try to help kids be bought out of child labor. This is important because he started an international organization that is helping to save many kids around the world by going into class, stating his idea and getting other kids to join and help. Another important fact is, “Craig Kielburger was only 12 years old when he started this organization”. This is important because it shows that sometimes people listen to younger kid’s voices more than they would listen to any random adult’s voice. Those are the things that Craig Kielburger did to speak out about child labor. The source of this information is “Two Children Against Child Labour”.

  Lastly, Both Iqbal and Craig spoke out about child labor. However Iqbal has personal experiences with Child labor because he was a child slave himself and Craig just speaks out about it. Iqbal was also murdered because he escaped and then went back to his original home and spoke out, when Craig is still alive. Another similarity is, “Craig Kielburger was the same age as Iqbal when died”. This is important because this made him think about what if it was him. This made him become an activist about child labor.

  In conclusion, Iqbal and Craig are similar because, their age is both 12, they both tried to stop child labor. However different because, Iqbal was actually a child slave himself and escaped when Craig isn’t he just is an activist that speaks out about it.  The age is one way that they are similar and their personal experiences are very different. Iqbal Masih and Craig Kielburger both impacted child slavery by creating a website organization, and escaping child labor and speaking out about it

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