Wednesday, April 27, 2016

              Some kids that want to make a change try to change their community to a better place and make it more green, so that they can have a healthier lifestyle. Some groups of kids want to change the earth and speak against global warming. Both of these kinds of kids are child activists. A child activist is a kid that fights for a difference. And i'm going to tell you some information about  some child activists.

           Clay Mullen is a 17 year old that wants to change his community to something more green. The environmental youth group is a bunch of teens that want to stop global warming. These two are the same, and different in many ways.

          Clay Mullen is a 17 year old that wants to make a difference. He is still your regular teen, he likes fishing, and rock climbing. But when he was 11 he started to worry about the environment. He started a crusade to help him out. He helped his school adopt the phrase “West G is Idle Free.” When he started Clay estimated that he spent 2000 hours on environmental causes. And he said “It’s worth it, I want the nature to be preserved.” This shows that even though this work takes time to do, he is still willing to do it. When Clay saw the kids at his school waiting for there busses outside in the freezing cold rain and some not even having a coat or sweater on, he helped pay for micro fleece blankets for students to wear if they don’t have anything to keep them warm. Clay wanted to make a change so bad that he passed a law where teachers have to teach their students about how to keep their environment clean. All these attributes show that Clay is a teen activist that is up for a challenge.     -Clay Molten: teen passionate about saving the environment: community heros 2011

          This group of teens are taking the nation by storm. The Environmental Youth group is a group of teens that are trying to spread the word about global warming. There goal was to gather people to help them fight against climate change. The founder of this group is Mary Doerr, she estimated that she has spent over 3000 hours fighting global warming. This group has been to numerous schools across the country to teach the students about global warming and how they can stop it. They say “it’s been amazing to see such strong reception to our work so far.” This means that they’re happy that people are responding to what they are doing. All these facts prove that the environmental youth group are a bunch of teen activists that care about the planet.   - Environmental Youth: teens taking on global warming

           Clay Molten, and the environmental youth group have a plenty in common. Both Clay Molten and the environmental youth group both want to make a change to what them and others see and feel, they both want to make their communities and world a better place so them and others can be happier with what they see around them, and Clay Molten and the environmental youth group both spread the word by taking it to the books and the schools. But both also have a lot of differences. For example clay Molten said “I want the community to be a better, happier, cleaner place.” The environmental youth group says  “global warming is a cause that has to be addressed.” By reading these quotes you can tell that they both want to make a change and will do it.   - Environmental youth- teens trying to stop global warming
                            clay mullten

       In conclusion Clay Mullen is a 17 year old that wants to change his community. The environmental youth group wants to stop global warming from happening around Earth. A difference between them is Clay wants to change his community, but the environmental youth group wants to change the world. Their similarity is that they are all teens that want to make a change. That is some similarities and differences between Clay Mullen, and the Environmental Youth group.

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