Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Child Labor

                                                  Child Labor     Written by: Madison Bors C6
    Child labor is something that needs to be prevented. Child labors side effects are often filthy and dirty. Child labor is not a fair way for children to spend their lives. There are many reasons we should prevent child labor from happening. Child labor can have a lot of negative impact on children such as, unhealthy and poor nutrition, no or lack of education, and even unsafe punishment towards the children when mistakes during work are made. This is why we need to help prevent or stop child labor.
    As you would suspect, The safety of children is a very important factor in making sure that they develop properly. Safety is important whether it is physically safe or mentally safe. For example, “If they make any mistakes whatsoever they were beaten and put into these little torture chambers.”- (Freedom Hero). This is an example of how much risk the children are put at when they make even the littlest mistakes. It is certainly not fair that children have to suffer from poor safety habits, which is what happens to these children on a day to day basis.
    Also, Another thing that is very important for children is education. No education can make it hard for children to develop, communicate with others, and find suitable jobs. For example, “In 2006, 75 million children were not in school.”- (Causes Of Child Labor). This shows that because of child labor families can not afford to send their children to school to get an education. If we put an end to child labor, children would be able to get the proper education they deserve, which is not what they are getting right now, as stated as one of the main causes of child labor.
   Lastly, The nutrition of children is also a very important factor in making sure that the children grow and develop in a healthy way. For example, “No food, water, or sunlight”- (Freedom Hero). This proves that children in child labor are or were not getting the proper nutrition they needed. They were not allowed to get proper nutrition like food and water. This is because the owners wanted to keep them small because the smaller the fingers the more work gets done. However, if children stay small for their whole life they will not be able to live an enjoyable life. This is a reason why we should help stop child labor.
     In conclusion,   Child labor can have a negative impact on children. Not being under safe conditions can lead to injuries physically or mentally for the children. Also, not having an education is a big problem that needs to be resolved because the children are suffering from lack of education or even no education. Children aren’t in school because their parents can not afford it. Last of all, nutrition is important because the kids will not develop and grow in a healthy way without it. Child labor can ruin or even end a child's life. It is not a good way for a child to spend their life. If we put ourselves in the children's shoes we would certainly be able to say that they are living an unenjoyable and unfair life.