Wednesday, May 18, 2016

          Earth's pollinators are endanger of becoming extinct. Without them we could
starve or lose our flowers. No one ever thinks that pollinators are one of our most important animals that we need to survive. We need these pollinators because without them we could lose up to one-third of our food supply. They also help our plant’s flowers grow and fruit to blossom. This is why we need to have pollinators on Earth.

          My first reason why pollinators are dying is, because of all the pesticides people are
using on plants. My evidence for this is, that scientists are experimenting on bees to see if different pesticides have different effects on bees. I know this because of a scientist named, (Wilson Rich). Some pollinators specifically Honey Bees are dying because of an insect called the, Varroa Mite. The Varroa Mite latches on to the bees back and sucks the blood from the bee and causes the bee to die due to the loss of blood.

          Pollinators are important because they move pollen from flower to flower and
plant to plant. If the pollinator didn't spread the pollen most plants would not produce seeds or fruit. Bees are one of the top pollinators for America’s food crops. They pollinate by traveling from plant to plant while they are eating and collecting nectar. The bees do not know they are pollinating because the flower applies the pollen onto the bees back. And when we spray our plants with pesticides the pesticides get on the pollen, which gets on the bee. When the bee gets in the hive the pesticides come off the bee and onto another and it continues to spread all around the world.

          The consequences of losing pollinators is that we would lose some our food
supply. Around 80% of crops need pollination. Losing pollinators would lead to less flowers. The flowers would just sprout and not grow the fruit or vegetables. One example of losing pollinators is pesticides. The pesticides makes the bees less productive and can kill them. They wouldn't collect their food in time and they would starve. This would limit pollinating and force us to do self pollinate.

          To address the pollinator issue some states are changing their laws. In some
states it is now legal to do beekeeping. For example, in 2010 New York passed a law making beekeeping legal. The pollinator decline effected America in 1987. Some companies have changed the way they grow their flowers. For example, Lowe’s creating labels and putting them on plants that have been exposed to pesticides. They have also reduced the amount of pesticides they’ve been using.

          Massabesic Middle School is addressing this issue of decreasing pollinators by
raising awareness. Another example of us raising awareness is learning about it, studying it, and sharing our knowledge other students. One example of us raising awareness is we are making a butterfly garden.The butterfly garden will attract other pollinators besides bees and butterflies. These are some examples on how Massabesic Middle School is raising awareness about the pollinator decline.

          In conclusion, pollinators are becoming extinct. They are dying because of
pesticides and the Varroa Mite. Pollinators help our plants and flowers grow. They do this by traveling from plant to plant. Losing pollinators would limit our food supply. To keep this from happening some states have changed their laws, companies are also changing the use of pesticides. Learning about pollinators and sharing our knowledge will hopefully change the pollinator issue.


  1. I liked how you were explaining your quotes

  2. Excellent work! I really liked the transitional words that you used and that it was not the same one every time. Though, you do not have any text evidence!!!!!!!!!! Also, honey bees should not be capitalized.