Wednesday, May 18, 2016

   Pollinators are important because we need the food they pollinate to survive, and pollinators keep flowers alive for commercial farmers or gardeners that sell them. This is because of pesticide use. There are several consequences but one of them is losing some of our food. People need to give awareness to the declining population of pollinators or else there will be none left. You can also plant habitats at your house or stop using chemicals in your garden or lawn.

   First off, Pollinators are dying because of certain chemicals like pesticides. This is one of the major reasons why the pollinator population is dropping so much. For example, “More than 75 million lbs. of herbicides and pesticides are on U.S. farms every year.” That is a lot of chemicals which could harm pollinators and maybe people. This causes, “Bee population to drop 30% since 2006.” (, 4-28-16). That is just over ¼ of the bee population, this is not good because bees are the most efficient pollinators we have. We need to find an alternative to pesticides and herbicides so that we don't kill off the pollinators and have to face the consequences that will come.

  Secondly, One consequence of losing pollinators is we would have a big decline in our food. For example, “Without pollinators we would lose ⅓ of our food supply.” (Louie Schwatzberg, 5/9/2011). This is all of the fruits and vegetables that are good for you that we would lose. Another example is, “Approximately 90% of all plants require pollinators to survive.” (Beyond Pesticides, 4-25-16). That includes the vegetables and fruit plants too. Another consequence of losing pollinators is, having to pollinate plants ourselves so that we don't lose all that food that we would if we didn’t have pollinators.

  Lastly, To address the pollinator issue, people need to give awareness about it by forcing companies to change their policies concerning pesticides, habitat loss, and beekeeping. One law that has been changed a little bit ago is, “In 2010 New York changed a law so you can keep bees in the city”. (Noah Wilson Rich, June 2012). Another example of someone trying to make a difference and giving awareness is Barack and Michelle Obama, “At the White House there is home to a hive of about 70,000 bees.” (Lauren Edwards, 5/2/16). That is what some people are doing to help and now it's your turn!

  At Massabesic Middle School we are planting wildflowers and milkweed to promote pollinator habitat. We have taken soil sample of study sites around the school property. We also researched how different seeds need different conditions for soil, sun, and temperature. Pollinators are really important in our environment because we need the food they pollinate to survive, and pollinators keep flowers alive for commercial farmers or gardeners that sell them. Chemicals like pesticides are harming many animals especially pollinators. Pollinators are the most effective and efficient way to pollinate plants and flowers. If pollinators die out the most major problem will be losing our food. That is why we need to do something about the pollinator issue

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  1. A liked all the text evedence and how it fit with your paragraphs. The second sentence did'n really go with the rest of the paragraph. Everything else was spot on.